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American Ninja Warrior inspired an incredible dog family reunion

The power of Ninja Warrior brought two long-lost brothers back together.

Roo Yori/Instagram

Andrew “Roo” Yori is known as the K9 Ninja. He dedicates his runs on American Ninja Warrior to raising awareness of dog adoption.

He himself has a large and lovely family of adopted pups. He even adopted one of the dogs from the Michael Vick dog fighting case and helped him become a Certified Therapy Dog.

When Andrew took on the course at the Indianapolis Qualifiers, he brought his long-time companion Angus with him.



We’re really sorry, Andrew. But part of the reason we were so excited you made it to the City Finals, and then Vegas, is because we want more Angus... But you’re cool too!

We’re not the only ones who got excited to spot that adorable pup.

Carolyn and Jim Bell took one look at Angus and realized their own pup had found his long-lost brother!

“After getting in touch through social media with Roo, who competed on American Ninja Warrior as the K9 Ninja, Carolyn and Roo were able to confirm that Jake and Angus were indeed brothers. Both dogs had been adopted from Paws and Claws Humane Society 14 years ago, they both came from a litter of dogs with “A” names and their mom’s name was Angel.” -Via Barkpost

This simply meant one thing: Angus and his brother Jake (formerly Ambrose) needed a reunion!

So Roo and Angus hit the road from Rochester, MN to the Buffalo, New York area! (That’s about 900 miles.)

But like any good Ninja, training was still very important. So they stopped off in Chicago to hit up the Ninja Academy.

Angus offered additional obstacle support.

Then they took a break at the Movement Lab in Ohio.

They met fans along the way.

Finally, the reunion happened!

Jake and Angus got the chance to bro out.

And bro out they did. Slowly. (They are 14 and a half years old.)

Loading up! #k9ninja #adoptadog #angusroadtrip #ninjasidekick #longlostbrothers

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Never to be strangers again!

Nap time. #k9ninja #adoptadog #angusroadtrip #longlostbrothers

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*Heart melts.*

Hurray for dog adoption!

You can follow Andrew’s K9 themed Ninja adventures on his Instagram here.