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Rockford Ninjas 2016 competition: Friday August 12

We’ll be updating this as more information is available.

Rockford Ninjas/Instagram

So a lot of big name American Ninja Warriors headed out to Michigan for the Rockford Ninjas 2016 competition taking place August 12-13th.

They had a little fun before hand.

The Friday night start was delayed about an hour due to rain.

@ninjaweatherman is currently drying the course. We are still planning a 6:00PM start. #rnw16

A photo posted by Rockford Ninja Warrior (@rockfordninjas) on

But soon the Ninjas were excited and ready to hit the course.

Maybe a little too excited...

@rockfordninjas is on and poppin! #IslandNinja #ultimatewarrior #flexonem #rockfordninjawarrior #gettingit

A photo posted by Grant Mccartney | #islandninja (@grant.mccartney) on

Ninjas like Kevin Bull and Drew Drechsel did the last round of course testing.

Lets try this again. Course testing by some our ninjas.

Publicado por Rockford Ninja Warrior em Sexta, 12 de agosto de 2016

Here’s a closer look at Kevin Bull testing the course.

The finisher of the night was Benjamin Morgan.

Congrats to our first finisher of our course, Benjamin Morgan! #rnw16

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Spills happened.

Can’t wait to see what Saturday brings!

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