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An undercover look at the Rockford Ninjas’ youth camp

What it was like to spend a day with the legends.

Madelynn with Karen Sabo

Unless you’ve been hiding under an American Ninja Warrior rock this week, you’re probably aware that many of our super stars are out in Rockford, MI for the Rockford Ninjas 2016 competition.

The runs will kick off tonight, but before that Rockford Ninjas hosted camps for both adults and kids where participants got to learn from the legends themselves.

Little did they know we had spies in their midsts! Katherine, age 10, and her sister Madelynn, age 12, attended the youth camp and reported back on their experience.

Katherine: "I can't believe I got to touch Drew Dechsel.”

Her favorite obstacle was the rope swing to cargo net with Grant McCartney and the best advice from a Ninja was, "to go fast, safe and quiet".

Madelynn: Her favorite part of the youth camp was getting to try out some of the obstacles you see them do on the show.

Her favorite obstacle was cannonball alley with Andrew Lowes and the best advice from a Ninja was, "don't change your strategy on the day of the race.”

Daniel Gil and Michelle Warnkey
Sherri Foster
Drew Drechsel
Sherri Foster
Evan Dollard
Sherri Foster
Grant McCartney
Sherri Foster
Kevin Bull
Sherri Foster
Jessie Graff
Sherri Foster
The local fire department helped with the cool down!
Sherri Foster

Excellent job, little Ninja spies!

Just kidding. We didn’t plant Katherine and Madelynn there. But we are super happy they had a great time. Thank you to their mom Sherri for sharing their experience with ANW Nation!