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The Rockford Ninja Warrior youth camp is flooded with American Ninja Warriors

Why are we not at this camp?

Pink and Frillos/Instagram

Rockford Ninja Warrior will be holding it’s massive annual competition on August 12 and 13, but before that they’re kicking things off with a youth camp.

This isn’t just ANY youth camp. It’s a Ninja youth camp, with some of the biggest names in the game offering personal instruction. Name an American Ninja Warrior. They’re probably at this camp!

Here’s a little peek at all the fun we’re missing.

First of all, there are just a FEW famous Ninjas there.

Day one! @rockfordninjas #islandninja

A photo posted by Grant Mccartney | #islandninja (@grant.mccartney) on

Ninjas at the event: Jessie Graff, Michelle Warnky, Elet Hall, Jesse Labreck, Grant McCartney, James McGrath, Ryan Stratis, Drew Dreschel, Kevin Bull, Joe Moravsky, Karsten Williams, Daniel Gil, Elliot Jolivette, Karen Sabo, Andrew Karsen, Dustin Rocho, Dan Banura, Evan Dollard, Paul Kasemir, Andrew Lowes. WHEW.

And they’re just as excited as the kids! Look at Jamie Rahn’s face.

Today is the big day! #RockfordNinjaWarrior Starts Now! #PinnacleParkourAcademy #CaptainNBC

A photo posted by Jamie Rahn (@jamierahn) on

So many eager little Ninjas in training!

The Ninjas were flipping out for the kids.

Probably two of our future competitors.

Ninja Warrior Time!

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Oh yeah, he’s got the focus needed for the course.

He has been waiting for this day all summer! ⚔

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How cool is it to learn straight from your hero?

It’s awesome that Ninjas like Drew Drechsel will take the time to teach.

These little Ninjas are so brave!

That’s it. We’re signing up for this next summer.

We're wrapping up our morning youth camp with some ninja fun!

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