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American Ninja Warrior Daniel Gil is all about faith, confidence and ice cream

Even a Ninja has to have treat once in a while!

Daniel Gil/Instagram

Daniel Gil is a man of many talents. He’s a trainer at Iron Sports Fitness, a dancer, an opera singer, and has some very luxurious hair. He’s also becoming a well-known name in the American Ninja Warrior world.

We last saw Daniel at the Oklahoma City Finals. There, he was one of only 2 Ninjas to complete the course, and he took the fastest time. This is only his second season on the show, but he’s establishing himself as sure-footed fan favorite.

He’s known as the #KingdomNinja for his devotion to his faith and is one of the Ninjas who trains closely with the epic Sam Sann. We snagged a few minutes with Daniel before his Qualifying run in OKC, and got a little bonus when Sam Sann popped in to help the conversation along.

What will you carry with you in the bag you bring to the course?

Daniel: Confidence. A lot of confidence.

That fits in your bag?

Daniel: Yes. Definitely some warm up, grip trainers. To exercise to get myself warmed up. Extra pair of clothes JUST in case, but not going to be using any of those. Some snacks. Almonds. Quick things to just pop in my mouth. Nothing too heavy. Gotta keep the energy consistent. And water, lots of water.

What's your go-to snack while you're training?

Daniel: Go-to snack while I'm training is almonds.

Sam Sann: Ice cream!

Daniel: Ice cream is the after-party meal.

What kind of ice cream?

Sam Sann: Chocolate chip!

Daniel: Chocolate chip with cookie dough.

Sam Sann: Triple chocolate fudge!

Daniel: Too chocolate-y. Too chocolate-y.

Is there an exercise you hate doing?

Daniel: It would probably be running. Running and sprinting. Now I still enjoy it, but not half as much. Every other training I do I love, and I love the way I feel while I'm doing it. I love the way I feel after doing it. But running, I kind of half to work myself up a little bit and give myself a goal. Put in some good music. Running.

What's your day job?

Daniel: I work at Iron Sports Gym with Sam Sann!

Who inspires and motivates you?

Daniel: Some people who inspire me would be, of course, in the Ninja world, people like Sam Sann and Kacy Catanzaro. People who have faced tremendous obstacles before and been really successful at it.

And then my faith, my lord and savior Jesus. I'll think about all he went through and all that I want to accomplish. Nothing is impossible Nothing is too hard. Once you get into that right mindset, mind frame, you can do it. You can do anything.

We’ll next see Daniel at the National Finals in Las Vegas!