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Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Indianapolis

The front half of the course proved to be a roadblock in Indy.

Joe Robbins/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis City Finals gave us some fantastic moments. Meagan Martin became the second woman this season to earn a spot at the National Finals. Jake Murray did a black flip up the Warped Wall, and the field of Vegas finalists got a little larger.

But that did mean we had to lose a few faces. Here’s the 15 Ninjas who won’t be moving on.

  • Lorin Ball: Out on Rolling Log
  • Fred Thorne: Out on Swinging Spikes
  • Drew Knapp: Out on Rolling Log
  • Dan Yager: Out on Rolling Log
  • Brandon Mears: Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Theodore “TC” Tronquet: Out on Swinging Spikes
  • Zack Kemmerer: Out on Floating Steps
  • PJ Granger: Out on Disc Runner
  • Kevin Hogan: Out on Rolling Log
  • Jonathan Cooley: Out on Swinging Spikes
  • Andrew Rowland: Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Adam Stroup: Out on Fly Wheels
  • Alex Bienz: Out on Fly Wheels
  • Bryce Foley: Out on Fly Wheels
  • Dr. John Murray Adams: Out on Swinging Spikes

It was a fairly wide variety of obstacles that took out these Ninjas.

4 went out on the Rolling Log. 4 went out Swinging Spikes. 3 went out on the Fly Wheels, which were modified from the Qualifying course to only have 2 wheels, instead of 3.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was Lorin Ball’s exit. He was the fastest Ninja to complete the course in Qualifying and is an all-around strong contender. However, the Log Roll tripped up a few of the City Finalists, and Lorin was one of them.

Which bottom 15 run surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!