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American Ninja Warriors and their furry friends

Celebrating the critters who comfort the Ninjas.

Kacy Catanzaro/Instagram

Andrew “Roo” Yori took on the American Ninja Warrior City Finals course in Indianapolis. He had a great run, but was on the bubble for a bit, not sure if he would make Vegas. At the very end of the night, he found out he had secured the 15th spot!

The #K9Ninja runs to raise awareness and support for adopting dogs. In fact, he brought his pup Angus along as support when he tackled the course the first time.

It got us thinking, what other Ninjas have been seduced by a furry friend? Without further ado, we bring you strong Ninjas with cute pups.

Roo Yori knows there’s always room on the couch for one more.

Like all good super heroes, Captain NBC needs his sidekick.

Between the baby and the pup, how does Joe Moravsky find the willpower to leave the house?

What a great day! Happy 4th!

A photo posted by Joe Moravsky (@ninjaweatherman) on

Mr. Mogley gets double the Ninja love. Be jealous of his adventures with Brent Steffensen.

Feels good to be #home and on the #river with my boy :) #MrMogley #Kayak

A photo posted by Brent Steffensen (@brentsteffensen) on

And his cuddles with Kacy Catanzaro.

✨ #MrMogley #RollDog #PartnerInCrime #GirlsBestFriend

A photo posted by kacycatanzaro (@kacycatanzaro) on

This is not a dog. We know. We don’t care.

@sammohog I love you, but get your snout of my snack!

A photo posted by jessie graff (@jessiegraffpwr) on

Jake Murray knows a good trip requires a wise travel companion.

Man’s best friend and Geoff Britten’s training partner.

Lance Pekus’ home isn’t complete without all his four-legged friends.

Last week has been crazy long but its always feels great to come home

A photo posted by Lance Pekus Cowboy Ninja (@lancepekus) on

These are not Ryan Stratis’ dogs, but strong evidence he needs to get one ASAP.

I made some new friends! I need a dog lol #beagle

A photo posted by Ryan Stratis (@ryan_strat) on

Alright, Ninja community! Show us your animal love. Leave a picture with your furry friend in the comments.