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Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Atlanta

You had to go far and move fast to move on in Atlanta.


The field of Ninjas was narrowed even further after the Atlanta City Finals. 15 competitors didn’t make it far enough fast enough to move on.

  • Caleb Watson: Out on Big Dipper
  • Justin Maina: Run not shown
  • Kenneth Niemitalo: Out on Big Dipper
  • Reko Rivera: Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Danny Adair: Out on Big Dipper
  • Jonathan Ruiz: Out on Spin Cycle
  • Chad Hohn: Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Eddy Stewart: Out on Spin Cycle
  • Jeff Harvey: Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Brent Ruffin: Out on Pipe Fitter
  • Lucas Gomes: Out on Floating Monkey Bars
  • Joesph Green II: Out on Warped Wall
  • Rodolfo Burgos: Run not shown
  • Bobby Bohannon: Out on Big Dipper
  • Chris Moore: Out on Pipe Fitter

One of the big surprises in this group is Caleb Watson. The rookie had such an epic finish in Qualifiers that the community had started thinking of him as the dark horse to triumph this season.

Changes were made to increase the difficultly of the Big Dipper and Pipe Fitter from Qualifiers to the City Finals.

The Big Dipper was given a longer track and the cargo net was removed from the landing.

The Pipe Fitter was given a steeper initial ascent and the 2 middle pipes were restricted to slow momentum.

The tactic worked, with the Big Dipper eliminating 4 Ninjas and the Pipe Fitter taking out 2.

Who are you sad to see go? Tell us in the comments.