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Here are the 30 Ninjas we’ll see at the American Ninja Warrior Atlanta City Finals

Time for the souped-up Atlanta Finals course!

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

On Monday July 18th, we’re heading back to Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia for the American Ninja Warrior City Finals.

The qualifying runs were action packed! Drew Drechsel had the fastest time of the night, beating out his training partner and roommate James McGrath.

#FarmerNinja Caleb Watson came out of seemingly nowhere to capture the second fastest time of the night.

Rookie Casey Suchocki built an impressive backyard course and the training paid off.

Need a full recap of the qualifiers? Check here.

Here’s the 30 Ninjas we’ll be watching in the Atlanta City finals!

  • Drew Drechsel
  • Caleb Watson
  • Neil Craver
  • James McGrath
  • Tyler Martin
  • Chris Boehm
  • Brett Sims
  • Justin Maina
  • Mack Roesch
  • Kenneth Niemitalo
  • Travis Rosen
  • Casey Suchocki
  • Todd Bourgeois
  • Reko Rivera
  • Danny Adair
  • Jonathan Ruiz
  • Yuri Force
  • Jojo Bynum
  • Shawn Richardson
  • Chad Hohn
  • Eddy Stewart
  • Jeff Harvey
  • Mike Chick
  • Alexio Gomes
  • Brent Ruffin
  • Lucas Gomes
  • Joesph Green II
  • Rodolfo Burgos
  • Bobby Bohannon
  • Chris Moore

Who do you think advances to the Vegas finals? Tell us in the comments!