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Twitter’s best reactions to the LA City Finals

There was no way we were staying calm.

Rose Wetzel/Twitter

The June 11th premiere of the LA City Finals was, in a word, intense. Jessie Graff was the first competitor to defeat the Wedge. Flip Rodriguez made a brave confession. And Twitter captured our emotions on all their glory.

Flip Rodriguez’s powerful story moved so many and inspired others to come forward.

When Jessie Graff hypnotized the next generation of Wonder Women.

Apparently we weren’t alone in this reaction.

For a moment, Jessie took over the world and we had no chill about it.

The Ninja community brought the love.

We all needed to collect ourselves after the episode.

Of course, Pokemon.

We were moved to poetry.

Natalie Duran exposed the glamorous life of social media producers.

Even celebrities can’t fight that loving feeling.

Only time will tell what craziness will erupt from the Atlanta City Finals...