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Here are the Ninjas we said goodbye to at the LA City Finals

It’s so hard to see them go.

Brandon Hickman/NBC

It’s that time in the American Ninja Warrior season where some truly painful exits take place. They’ve passed the City Qualifiers. They have high hopes for Vegas and something just doesn’t go their way.

Here are the Ninjas we said goodbye to in the LA City Finals.

The LA City Finals was home to the now infamous obstacle, The Wedge. It took out the vast majority of the Ninjas to attempted to cross it.

So many Ninjas in fact, that it was NOT a main reason for losing out on making Vegas. Only Jesse Cargil, Jonathan Cunanan and Jerod Warf made it to the Wedge, but had slow enough times that they missed the top 15.

Who are you sad to see go? Tell us here in the comments.