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Pokémon Go? Yeah, the Ninjas own that.

Did you think the Ninjas wouldn’t be all over this?

Jessie Graff/Instagram

There’s been a new addition to the American Ninja Warrior world and it’s a game changer. Pokémon Go might be sweeping the globe, but in true Ninja fashion, these competitors have already mastered it.

Ninjas love a challenge. So tell them to “Catch ‘em all” and you’ve unleashed a legion of focused, fit athletes determined to dominate this course as well.

Here’s a quick recap of just a few of the current events in #PokémonNinja news.

Jessie Graff can handle capturing a zubat while being fitted into a purple wig. #Multitasker

Joe Moravsky is building an empire big enough to control the weather.

Brian Kretsch is training his Pokémon for next season of American Warrior.

Drew Drechsel sees this as just another training ground he’ll own.

Pokemon Go is finally here! My journey to become a real Pokemon trainer has begun! Woo-hoo!!! #pokemongo

A photo posted by Drew Drechsel *OFFICIAL PAGE* (@reallifeninja) on

James McGrath want to be known as “The Beast” of this course as well.

Coming soon: Entire Pokémon themed Ninja courses.

Heated debates are popping up about who will be the official #PokémonNinja.


Even Jessie Graff’s pig Sammo is in on the action.

Routing the grass for more pokemons #pokemongo #Eevee

A photo posted by Sammo Hog (@sammohog) on

How much do you want to bet that we see a Pokémon Ninja costume on the course next season?