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Jessie Graff talks with former roommate Maggi Thorne about life as kick-butt athletes

On Jessie Graff's latest Super Women podcast, she talks with long-time friend and fellow athlete Maggie Thorne.

American Ninja Warrior legend Jessie Graff is spreading the word on incredible women everywhere. She's launched her own podcast where she talks to the athletes and female professionals who are nothing short of Super Women. Check out the latest episode with Maggi Thorne. Maggi was Jessie's college roommate. She's also a Mrs. International 2014, Spartan racer, placed second in the World's Toughest Mudder, and is a mom of 3. Jessie and Maggie talk training, how to rest your body, and some silly stories from their days as roommates, including that time Jessie got hit by a car.

Not convinced Jessie is a reliable expert on the subject of Super Women? Check out her run at the American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles qualifier. Yes, she's wearing a Wonder Woman outfit, but you get the idea.

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