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American Ninja Warrior Season 8 TV schedule: Start time and live stream for Atlanta

The American Ninja Warrior crew is in Atlanta for the second episode of Season 8. Come chat with your fellow fans during the show. If you're new here, make sure you check out our guide to American Ninja Warrior Nation.

Last week during the Season 8 premiere in Los Angeles, we saw some big names complete some big runs. Hopefully this week in Atlanta will be more of the same but the new Pipe Fitter obstacle, featured above, and the Block Run will make it difficult to qualify for the Vegas Finals.

Missed the season premiere? You can watch the full episode at

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Start time: 8/7c (8 pm PT for west coast)

Location: Atlanta

TV channel: NBC

Live streaming: (You'll just need to verify your cable provider.)

Next episode: Monday, June 13th in Indianapolis