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American Ninja Warrior's Atlanta home: Turner Field

Take a closer look at the home of the Atlanta qualifying runs

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Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

American Ninja Warrior has been making stops around the country for the past 8 seasons. In each location, the producers spend weeks selecting a backdrop that represents the city and allows the Ninjas enough room to take on the daunting course. It is not an easy task.

Production has to take into account what the location can present to any hurdle. Where does the audience and crew goes if it rains? Will there be enough room for the camera operators to criss-cross back and forth? Is there flat ground to park the porta-potties? They need to take into account local ordinances, fire codes, regulations, but most important of all, how does it look on camera and how well does it represent the city?

Tonight, American Ninja Warrior will be stopping in Atlanta. Which location there in the capital of Georgia met all the needs? Turner Field, current home of the Atlanta Braves.

Here are 6 facts about Turner Field that you can impress your friends with tonight during the show.

1) It was originally the site of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games

The structure was originally used as Olympic Stadium in 1996. After the games ended, the track-and-field complex was removed and the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium located near by was blown up and turned into a parking lot. By April of 1997, it was a dedicated baseball-only stadium.

2) The Braves won't call it home for much longer.

The Atlanta Braves are leaving Turner Field for a new 42,000-seat, $672 million stadium about 10 miles from downtown Atlanta in 2017.

3) It will soon be a football stadium.

Georgia State won the bidding process for the stadium and the surrounding grounds. By 2017, the stadium will be retrofitted for football, and will become the home of the Georgie State Panthers.

4) The Braves are in the process of a dramatic farewell to the field.

At each home game of the final season at Turner Field, a selected guest (fan, former player, celebrity, etc) takes down a 10-foot plastic sheet with a red number on it during the fifth inning. The numbers are a countdown from 81, marking how many games are left at the stadium.

5) You can spot the Monument Grove statues in the American Ninja Warrior episode.

Located outside the gates of the ballpark, near the ticket windows, is Monument Grove. This is actually the exact area Ninja Warrior set up camp. During the episode, you'll be able to spot the statues of Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb and Phil Niekro if you're looking closely.

6) This isn't the first time Turner Field has made it to unscripted TV.

Turner Field has been a key location on The Amazing Race. In season 19, competitors Ernie and Cindy where the first to reach Turner Stadium, receiving the final clue that led them to become the winners of the one million dollar prize.

What are your thoughts on picking Turner Field as the Atlanta location? Where else do you think they could have shot the show in the city?