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Meagan Martin's competitive edge: What motivates the She-Wolf

Meagan Martin reveals what comes to mind when she needs to push herself.

So many people are inspired by the Ninja Warriors. But who keeps them motivated? Over the course of Season 8, we checked in with some big Ninja names to find out who they think about when they need a little more gas in the tank.

Meagan Martin is a professional rock climber, climbing instructor, and American Ninja Warrior Vegas Finalist (Season 7) who trains with The Wolfpack. You can learn more about Meagan and follow her on Instagram here.

The She-Wolf's strength comes from within: Her spirit and her family.

Meagan Martin: "When I need extra motivation, it’s usually my competitiveness that gets me there. Because I want to be as prepared as possible to be the best.

But I definitely am inspired by my parents. I’ve always thought they were really inspiring, their work ethic and all the different things they’ve done. That definitely keeps me on track, having them as role models and seeing what hard work can do and how it pays off in the end."

Meagan's parents were both athletes, allowing them to understand the needs and stresses of her career. They still reside in Florida, while Meagan has moved to Colorado. They're still a tight-knit family who manage to get together fairly frequently to stay connected.

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