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This adorable 4-year-old Ninja fan represents the best of us

Fan Benji Johnson shows off his Ninja Warrior spirit on the LA set

Chris Hopkins

The long, sometimes cold nights of an American Ninja Warrior shoot bring out the absolute best in the fans. Case in point, 4 year-old Benji Johnson, who we spotted in Los Angeles.

While Benji and his friend, Bryan Crowther, were there to specifically cheer on family member, Steve Seiver, Benji embodied a perfect Ninja fan: enthusiastic, energetic, and tireless. With a little help from Bryan, we learned more about what goes into preparing for a long night of being awesome on set.

Nikki Lee: Who are you here to cheer for?

Bryan: Steve Seiver

Benji: My friend. His name is, uhhh, Stevie.

Nikki Lee: How old are you?

Benji: 16

Nikki Lee: 6?

Bryan: You're not 6.

Benji: 16

Bryan: He's 4.

Benji: No, I'm 16. Actually, I could come over to your house some day. I really don't know where you live though.

Nikki Lee: No you don't know where I live just yet.

Benji: Can you tell me?

Nikki Lee: You've got the best energy. It's one o'clock in the morning right now. Did you take an extra long nap today?

Benji: Yeah.

Bryan: Yeah, we tried to get him prepared.

Nikki Lee: Do you have a special cheer you're going to do when Steven comes by?

Benji: Yeah.

Me: What is it? Can you do it for me?

Benji: WOO!

Apparently Benji's cheer worked. Steve had a great run and advanced to the Los Angeles City Finals!