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5 pretty funny minutes with Geoff and Jessica Britten

Geoff, the first Ninja to ever hit the buzzer on Mount Midoriyama, and his Ninja wife Jessica talk pancakes, pie, and motivation.

Geoff Britten is not a Ninja to be questioned. In Season 7, he had a perfect streak of hitting all 6 buzzers, and became the first Ninja to summit Mount Midoriyama. His pedigree is pretty stellar.

But he’s not the only Ninja in the family. Geoff’s wife, Jessica has competed on the last few seasons as well, becoming a strong competitor in her own right.

Before this couple took on the Philadelphia qualifying course for Season 8, we had a few entertaining minutes with them. What’s love without a little friendly banter?

What's in the bag you're bringing to the course?

Geoff: I always bring some unsweet iced tea. I'm a huge fan of that. I always bring a change of clothes. A lot of people say it's bad luck, but I've always done it and I don't like walking around with wet clothes, so you've got to have a back up. And a lot of shoes. I bring like 4 pairs of shoes.

Jessica: In my bag, besides a change of clothes, usually in the Northeast we have warm stuff because it's always been cold. I have my injury prevention kit. I have anti-inflammatories. I have wraps for my ankles. Stuff like that. I need those. As well as snacks to get you through the night.

What's your go-to snack when you're training?

Jessica: Beef jerky and crackers.

Geoff: Yup. I eat a lot of Quest bars. I eat a lot of beef jerky too. Or buffalo jerky.

What's your cheat meal?

Geoff: I actually just ordered the best pie I've ever had in my life. We were out in Wisconsin filming a football game. We went to this little pie shop, and like, to DIE FOR pie. I just ordered it. It's the Grand Traverse Pie Company. It's the most amazing pie. I don't even like pie. I love this pie.

What kind of pie?

Geoff: I get the cherry crumbler one. And it's just awesome.

Jessica: My go-to meal for celebration, or, you know, to drown my sorrows, is either a cheeseburger or pancakes. And some kind of good, chocolate-y dessert.

Geoff: You hear that, Joe? [Moravksy, the Weatherman, who is wandering behind the Brittens now.] Pancakes!

Jessica: Pancakes! BACON!

Joe: I haven't had those in three days.

Geoff: Oh, I'm sorry for your troubles.

Joe: I'll have them tomorrow. [Wanders away]

What exercise do you hate doing?

Jessica: I really don't like having to do any core work. You really just have to force me to do it. I just don't find any fun in it.

Geoff: And she was telling the truth. I have forced her to do it. I hate to run. Running is just like, evil for me.

How do you get through it? How do you survive?

Geoff: I don't.

Fair enough. So what are your day jobs?

Jessica: I'm a personal trainer and mom.

Geoff: You wear many hats.

Jessica: I do.

Geoff: I'm a professional camera man and I work all the time. So Jess takes care of everything else.

Jessica: Yup.

Who comes to mind when you need just a little bit more motivation?

Jessica: I actually recently told Geoff that one of my big inspirations this year is my daughter because she's seen Geoff do really well in several competitions. And seen me try really hard and come in just, you know, just shy of the platform in a lot of competitions. So I really want to do well for her so she can be proud of me and say 'My mom is going to beat this course!'

Geoff: I'm inspired by so many people, but my biggest inspiration is always myself. I'm just intrinsically motivated. I want to do this for me. I don't do it for anyone else and I've never needed to look to other people to make me want to do it.

Jessica: Oh no, that's a lie. You totally did that last year to impress me. [In Season 7, Geoff became the first person to hit the buzzer on Mount Midoriyama.]

Geoff: No I didn't!

Jessica: And I was impressed...a little.

Geoff: What did I say? 'If you think my wife would listen to the first American Ninja Warrior, you're wrong.' Not happening.

Jessica: Take out the trash.

Geoff: Exactly.

How do you think Geoff and Jessica do? Check out their performances on the Philadelphia qualifiers episode!