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5 minutes (or less) with Ninja Warrior Artis Thompson III

Artis Thompson is bringing intense focus to his second Ninja Warrior run in Oklahoma City.

Artis Thompson/Facebook

Artis Thompson III is one of those special Ninjas that just gets you inspired. His journey to becoming a Ninja is laced by the struggles and pain of losing his older brother in a motorcycle accident, and his own leg in another road accident. Thompson’s appearance on the Oklahoma City Ninja Warrior course marks his second season on the show.

We grabbed him for a few rapid fire questions before his run. Direct and a man of few words, Thompson gave us a quick and clear look at the focus he’s bringing.

What's in the bag you’re bringing with you to the Ninja Warrior course?

"Probably a brush. An extra pair of shoes. An extra pair of clothes in case I get wet. I don't plan on falling. But if it does happen I want to be able to change into some dry clothes. That's pretty much it."

What’s your go-to snack?

"My go-to snack is probably pizza. I love pizza. I'm always eating pizza.”

What’s your favorite type of pizza?

“I love Italian sausage."

What exercise do you hate doing?

"There isn't one exercise I hate doing. I love pretty much every aspect of fitness and working out."

So what's your favorite exercise then?

"My favorite is a muscle-up. I love muscle-ups."

What’s your day job?

"I'm a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Katy Bella Terra (Richmond, TX)."

Who inspires you when you need motivation?

"My three kids. Thinking about them and seeing how they overcome anything and everything that they're faced with as children. That just helps me know that I can always do anything I put my mind to."

Make sure you catch Thompson’s run on tonight’s episode of American Ninja Warrior!