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5 Minutes with returning American Ninja Warrior Cassie Craig

Cassie Craig ran in American Ninja Warrior’s Season 8 Oklahoma City region. We spent a quick 5 minutes learning more about her.

Cassie Craig/Instagram

Return Ninja Warrior Cassie Craig took her shot at the course in Season 8’s Oklahoma City region. Before you find out how far she made it in Monday’s new episode, get to know Cassie with a few rapid-fire questions.

What's in your bag?

"I'll have some fruit, like the little fruit things that you squeeze out into your mouth. They're for little kids, but I'll have some of those. Apple juice. I'll have my shoes that are actually for the course that are stickier. Headphones. Rain gear, in case it rains. Some Advil, and a lot of snacks. Just a lot of random snacks."

What’s your go-to snack when training?

"Uncrustables. Usually right before I work out I have one of those. I don't know, it's like the perfect amount of carbs and sugars, and I always have a good workout when I eat one. So that's my go-to."

What exercise do you hate?

"I hate running. I hate running."

How do you make yourself do it?

"In a division 1 college I was a track athlete for 5 years, so you kind of just have to be okay with hating it, and just do it a lot. So I mean, it's kind of the same mentality now. I know I have to do it. I know it helps. It's very important."

What’s your day job?

"I work at a software company as a graphic designer. I do the front end design and media and marketing materials, and websites."

And they're okay with you taking time off to be a celebrity?

"Yeah, they're really good about it. Last year a lot of them came actually. This year they couldn't get off work in time. But I had like 10 people from work come last year. So yeah, they're really cool about it."

Who inspires you when you need extra motivation?

"My roommate, Monique Terry. She's a professional figure model. She just got her pro card last year. And her first competition was 2 weeks ago. She took third at her first pro show, which is incredible.

She's just like ten times more dedicated than I will ever be at anything. It's insane. She has to cook all of her meals, measure everything out. So having a roommate and best friend like that, it's easy to just kind of come home and if I'm slacking be like 'Yeah, I need to get my sh*t together.'

She’ll have just gotten home from her third trip to the gym, and she's cooked all of her meals. And I'm eating out every meal and like 'I'm going to take the day off.' So definitely her. That's easy."