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Wolfpack advice: The importance of training partners

This week, Noah Kaufman of the Wolfpack discusses the importance of selecting training partners that have strengths that differ from yours.

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How about American Ninja Warrior this season?! AROOOO! Exciting stuff with some dramatic performances!

We have several big name American Ninja Warriors coming to train at the Wolf Den this month, and so everyone's psych is in overdrive!

That makes it a perfect time to talk about training partners.

It is super important to train with upbeat, positive and motivating partners. As Ninjas, we all understand movement just a little bit differently. Just like we look different on the outside, and have different strengths and weaknesses, so do all the Ninjas. It is this variation in technique that enables us to develop our own styles and approach to training and obstacle running or any other athletic endeavor. Watching Geoff Britten, for example, has helped to up the Wolfpack Ninjas' game. Geoff is upbeat and super cool, and he was the first Ninja ever to have a perfect season!

Get some friends who you respect and admire, and train with them. You will definitely notice that you can push yourself harder and pick up on their techniques!

Check out Brian Arnold's technique on this amazingly fun obstacle from American Ninja Warrior Season 6 in Denver.

"Life is either a daring #adventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller #ANW #WolfpackNinjas #AmericanNinjaWarrior

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Brian has big, meaty arms and his lock-off and one-arm pulling skills are legendary. Check out this mind-blowing video of him doing a one-pinky-finger, one-arm pull-up!

Insane, right!? Follow the Wolfpack Ninjas' Instagram for constant motivating pics and training ideas from the Wolves!

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