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Wolfpack Wednesday: Breaking Down the Pyramid Pull-Up

Work on your upper body strength with this step-by-step exercise breakdown.

The Wolfpack

Welcome to Wolfpack Wednesday!

The Wolves have been busy training hard this week in preparation for all the obstacles that lay ahead. Training your body and mind is a characteristic that all Ninjas embody and one that is necessary for you to reach your goals and live your dreams. This is what American Ninja Warrior is all about: Surmounting life's obstacles through hard work and dedication. The beautiful thing that American Ninja Warrior has showed us is that it can be FUN!

This week's Wolfpack Ninja Breakdown is a vicious core workout.

Check out Meagan Martin training a few weeks ago in the Wolf Den at Ninjadoc's house:

Wolfpack Ninja Training Breakdown

As you saw above with Meagan on the Salmon Ladder, us Wolves like to incorporate core into all of our workouts. The key is to lift your feet and flex your hips! Training low to the ground like The She-wolf is doing in the above Instagram is key to developing a strong core. The core connects your lower body to your upper body and when you strengthen your core, you are able to create more tension which translates to faster more powerful body movement.

Pyramid Pull-Ups

  • Try doing pull-ups with your knees bent up to your chest or as high as they can go.
  • Do 1 pull up like this, Rest 30 seconds,
  • Do 2 pull ups like this, Rest... So on and so forth until you fail and can't do another.
  • Now, GO BACK DOWN. So, say you failed at 5 pull-ups, go back down to 4 and all the way down to 1.

You got this, Wolf! Tell us how many Pyramid Pull-Ups you accomplished in the comments below!

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Featured Podcast

Our featured podcast of the week is Nicholas Coolridge, The Modern Tarzan!

Nicholas Coolridge is a special kind of guy. Instantly likable and humble, this quirky former dumpster-diver made a stunning debut on American Ninja Warrior in season 6 by becoming the first and only Ninja to complete the Venice City Finals.

Nicholas is a super nice guy, and as a humble and very handsome Ninja instantly fit into the Ninja community, gaining respect from top Ninjas for his amazing acrobatic abilities. With over 100k followers on Instagram (follow him @moderntarzan,) Nicholas lives by his mantra to "do something awesome everyday."

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