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The dads who keep American Ninja Warrior Ian Dory inspired

Who helps the Wolf-Pup reach his goals?

Ian Dory is known as the "Wolf-Pup" of the American Ninja Warrior Wolfpack. Ian burst onto the American Ninja Warrior scene during Season 6, where he shocked the Ninja community with his speed and accuracy. Aside from being a Ninja, he's also a busy dad, rock climber and a student preparing to take the LSAT. We asked him who comes to mind when he's feeling drained and needs a little extra push.

Whether it's a new obstacle, or studying for the LSAT, who comes to mind when you need that extra boost of energy to go after your goals?

Ian Dory: "I think there's different people in different sports who inspire me to try harder. In Ninja Warrior, it's really just the Wolfpack community in Fort Collins.

That's Dan Yager, Brian Arnold, Noah Kaufman, and other people as well. They're all dads. They're all living a real life. And they have to make everything fit together. So it's really nice to see other people in our group who are a little bit ahead of where I am still able to be a doctor, be a ninja, be a dad. Crank really hard."

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