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Ninja Warrior veteran Brent Steffensen needs your pizza recommendations

We need to remedy this for Brent. Fast.

Brent Steffensen/Instagram

Brent Steffensen is an American Ninja Warrior veteran with multiple trips to the Las Vegas Finals under his belt. While chatting with him about what's in his bag on the day of competition, we learned that Brent needs our help. Our pizza help.

What do you pack when you're heading to the course?

"Well, you definitely have to have that 24 hour American Ninja Warrior survival kit ready to go. You're competing in all these different environments. Whether it's cold, wet, dry, desert. You've got to have warm clothes. You've got to have shorts and sandals, just in case. An umbrella for the rain or the sun. Sunglasses for the dust or the sun. Lots of water and just a few little snacks."

What's your go-to snack when training?

"When I'm on the course I love Larabars. They're all natural, simple ingredients, just peanuts and dates basically. When you need just a quick little bump of fuel when you need it most."

What's your cheat meal?

"There's too many! My go-tos would be cereal, donuts, ice cream and pizza."

What kind of pizza?

"It's funny. I just recently went vegan. So that's going to change my pizza game tremendously. There's some good non-dairy cheeses out there. So I've been getting these frozen pizzas from Whole Foods, but they aren't like they used to be..."

With that sad ending, let's help Brent out. Take to the comments below and tell Brent how he can get that delicious, melty feeling back into his vegan pizza-game!