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American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro talks exercise, cupcakes and inspiration

Kacy tells us about the exercise she loathes, the snack she loves, and the gymnast who inspires her.


Also known as #MightyKacy, American Ninja Warrior legend, Kacy Catanzaro, was the first woman to defeat the Warped Wall, and the first woman to qualify for the finals in Las Vegas (Season 6). We snagged a few minutes with her as she prepared for the Season 8 course in Oklahoma City to find out a little more about the "petite powerhouse."

The exercise she hates doing:

"I hate doing jumping lunges, honestly. I do a lot of body weight stuff, so my repetition numbers are really high. It just feels like I'm doing them forever. My lower half is definitely weaker than my upper half, so a lot of leg exercises are daunting for me. I'm like 'Oh gosh, all these jumping lunges!' But I know that working my muscles and the explosion in the lunges are really good, so I know I have to get them done."

Her favorite treat:

"I'm vegan now. So that's a huge thing. I just recently found these vegan flaxseed cupcakes. They're vanilla cupcakes with icing and they're completely vegan and gluten free. I don't know how it tastes so good, but I want like, a thousand of them."

Who inspires her right before she hits the course:

"I grew up doing gymnastics, so Nastia Liukin has always been a really big inspiration of mine. I remember before I did the course in Dallas I was watching a gymnastics montage of her to the song "Super Girl" and it just pumped me up. I love her. I love gymnastics. I'd start to tear up and get all adrenaline-filled and excited. So she's definitely always been a big inspiration of mine."

Find Kacy on social media, @KacyCatanzaro on both her Twitter, and Instagram.

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