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The Wolfpack Ninja Warriors will be sharing training and nutrition advice on American Ninja Warrior Nation

Brian Arnold, Ian Dory, Meagan Martin and Noah Kaufman have a message for the fans.

Wolf Pack: Group Flex
The Wolf Pack: (L to R) Dr. Noah Kaufman, Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold, Ian Dory

This post was written and submitted by The Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack Ninjas are Meagan Martin (The Shewolf), Brian Arnold, Ian Dory (The Wolfpup) and Noah Kaufman, MD (The Ninjadoc). Collectively, they have performed at the highest levels on the American Ninja Warrior courses and train together in Colorado. American Ninja Warrior is really special because of the amazing community of fans and Ninjas who interact to produce a positive motivational force for health in this country. The Wolfpack is dedicated to utilizing our skills and influence to motivate others to enjoy a healthy life. You can expect regular contributions from The Wolfpack here on American Ninja Warrior Nation.

Without our fans, we never would have been motivated to train so hard for the world's hardest obstacle course, and we are constantly in touch with our fans through social media, our website (,) our Wolfpack Ninja Podcast and now through American Ninja Warrior Nation.

Through this site, you'll be getting tips from all the top Ninjas, hear about new podcasts and Ninja events near you, get health, nutrition and training tips and watch never before seen video content from behind the scenes of the best show on TV, American Ninja Warrior!

Let's take a minute for an individual welcome from each Wolf.

Noah T. Kaufman, MD - "Hello everyone! Welcome to American Ninja Warrior Nation! As a physician and leader of the Wolfpack Ninjas, I want to welcome you to the coolest Ninja dedicated site on the internet. Stay tuned for exciting content from all the American Ninja Warriors and learn what it takes for YOU and your kids to become NINJAS. Being a Ninja is a state of mind and a dedication to self-improvement. We're always cheering each other on just as you cheer us on! American Ninja Warrior has shown us that it's okay to cheer for someone when they fall... We are cheering for their effort and their sportsmanship, we are cheering for the values that we hold dear as a society. Thanks for joining the American Ninja Warrior movement on American Ninja Warrior Nation and here's to you!"

Ian Dory - "As wolves, our training is both mental and physical. The body follows the mind, and it shows in your everyday actions and the dedication to improvement of your character and skills. Believe in yourself; strive for excellence in all that you do. This site is dedicated to the American Ninja Warrior in all of us. You can do this, Wolf! Tune into our Wolfpack Ninja Podcast and check us out every week for WOLFPACK WEDNESDAY right here on your number one source for all things Ninja, training, health and nutrition."

Meagan Martin - "Hey everyone! They call me the Shewolf, and I am constantly pushing myself and these guys to be the best that we can be. As a coach to climber kids, I have seen amazing transformations in health and spirit. I want to encourage all women to be strong and confident superstars! There is no reason why we can't beat the guys, and it just takes hard work, dedication and unwavering belief in yourself! This site is going to be a lot of fun for both the Ninjas and our fans alike! We love you, and you are the reason we do as well as we do! Together, we all achieve more, Aroooo!"

Brian Arnold - "I am a man of few words. I believe that actions speak louder than words. This great site is proof that the American Ninja Warrior phenomenon is growing stronger everyday. More and more Ninjas are being self-made--just as us wolves were--and this bodes well for our nation's future and the health of our kids. Join the Wolfpack Ninjas on our Weekly Wolfpack Wednesday on this site, and on our Wolfpack Ninja Podcast on Tuesdays for health and training tips and motivation to become the best Ninja that you can be!"

Well, there you have it. The American Ninja Warrior Wolfpack Ninjas love you and we are excited to be joining in the conversation and the American Ninja Warrior movement.

Let us know what you want to hear more about in the comments below and we will do our best educate and inform