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The Property Brothers want to dominate Twin Ninja Warrior

Johnathan and Drew Scott might just be Ninja Warriors in training.

HGTV Lodge At CMA Music Fest - Day 3 Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

The American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles episodes were filmed on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot. The stellar location made it easy for some big name Ninja fans to drop by and catch the action. A couple of those famous faces belonged to the Property Brothers, Johnathan and Drew Scott, who were caught hanging out just past the Warped Wall. American Ninja Warrior Nation editor Nikki Lee snagged a few minutes of their time to find out more about their Ninja fandom.

Nikki Lee: You're obviously Ninja Warrior fans.

Drew: Yes!

Nikki Lee: It looks like you've been fans for awhile.

Drew: Yes. Definitely been fans for a while because we're ninjas.

Johnathan: Drew is such a fan that he's been going to every parkour facility in every city that we work in, just to train. In case you ask him to go and compete.

Drew: Well we're standing right here in front of the Wedge and everyone's falling on that, and I think that's where it would catch me too. Let alone all the grip strength you need to get to that point.

Johnathan: Well that's the problem. You can see that their fingers are not functioning at this point.

Drew: Yeah, the forearm endurance isn't there. These guys are machines. Even getting this far, they're machines.

Nikki Lee: How far do you think you would make it on the course?

Johnathan: I'm pretty sure I would make it this far [Warped Wall], but like I said, that's where my arms would start to give out.

Drew: These guys train for years to do this...but Johnathan would make it that far.

Johnathan: Always

Drew: So the thing is, I rock climb. I'm 6 foot 4. I'm a basketball player, so I can get up the ramp. I could do the climb over there. The rings, where you have to hook the rings over, that might get me. Oh and the, what do you call it? When you have to step on the moving steps? What do you call that part?

Nikki Lee: I think that's called the Escalator.

Johnathan: I've always had much more endurance than Drew, so I could last longer, but he can physically lift himself.

Drew: Basically, I'll stand on the sideline for now and I'll come back. When they do Twin Ninja Warriors, we'll come back and dominate.

Johnathan: It's called Twinja Warriors. Hashtag Twinjas.

So what do you think? Are we ready for an all twins Ninja Warrior special? We can discuss this further tonight during the premier! Be sure to join us on Twitter at 8/7c.