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Wolfpack Wednesday: Noah Kaufman, MD gives his first health tip

We kick off #WolfpackWednesday with an important health tip from NinjaDoc, Noah Kaufman, MD.

This post was written by Noah Kaufman, MD of The Wolfpack Ninjas. You can follow them on Instagram here.

This will be our weekly series and will address the health tips discussed on our weekly Wolfpack Ninja Podcast in a little more detail with explanations, examples and motivating stories.

We also want to hear from YOU! We'll strive to answer your questions and the Wolves will take turns discussing. We also may be posting some behind-the-scenes video from our podcasting sessions with all the top Ninja superstars!

The fact of the matter is, the more you utilize tips and tricks from successful people, the more likely it is that you will also become a successful, happy and healthy person. We are living our dreams and that takes hard work. You can also live your dreams, and it is all about your willingness to TRY HARD and dedicate yourself to self-improvement. Follow the tips we'll be sharing on #WolfpackWednesdays and you'll be well on your way to becoming the person that you want to be! A healthier, happier, stronger version of the current you. BECOME YOUR POTENTIAL!

Cut the sugar

If there's one most important health tip I can give you to start off the NinjaDoc's health tips, it's to decrease sugar intake! If you're drinking juice, water it down and if you're drinking soda you need to stop! Candy is even worse. The only sugars you should be taking into your body on a regular basis should be from fruit. Sugar spikes insulin; a hormone that makes you store fat. If you eat sugar from fruit then the fiber in the fruit slows down the absorption of sugar and allows your body to process that sugar the way it should be processed naturally. A little here and there isn't too bad for you, but eating sugar every day will make you gain weight, and it will cause serious health problems! Be smart and cut down on the sugar!

I'd also like to tell you that all types of sugar are processed the same in your body. Sugar has been shown to be a powerful drug in laboratory studies. When given a choice, lab rats chose sugar water over water with cocaine in it. Sugar is just like cigarettes, a little bit doesn't seem to hurt you, but over time we really hurt our bodies with it. Be like us Ninjas and try and cut out as much sugar as you can; your body will thank you. Trust me guys, this is so important and it will really hold you back from your health and fitness goals. Join us next Wednesday for all new tips and training secrets from your American Ninja Warrior Wolfpack Ninjas!

If you have advice for us, or tips of your own, please share with us in the comments below since the Wolfpack Ninjas are always striving to improve ourselves and we can all learn from each other.