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Welcome to American Ninja Warrior Nation

Season 8 premieres on Wednesday, June 1 at 8/7 CT on NBC and we will be here with you the entire way.

Hi, I'm Nikki and we're excited to have you on the official fan site of American Ninja Warrior! We're here to represent you, the fans of the show, and be your source for all things American Ninja Warrior. As huge fans of American Ninja Warrior, we couldn't be happier to lead this new project. We're proud of what we're making for you, and we're proud to be a part of the SB Nation family.

American Ninja Warrior Nation will feature work by myself and other contributors, runs on Vox Media's Chorus platform and is a joint venture between SB Nation and NBC Universal.

SB Nation and its network of 300 sports blogs have been representing the voice of sports fans for over a decade we're excited to bring that experience to American Ninja Warrior's passionate fanbase. We want to help you love the show more, pull back the curtain on things you're curious about, and be your friend watching the show with you. We've been on the road in each host city, talking with your favorite Ninjas, interviewing the people who make the show possible and now we're here to deliver that experience to you. will be our home base and you can find us all over social media as well:

What you can find here

This site celebrates everything American Ninja Warrior.

We’re going beyond the semi-finals and finals. We’re going to find the people who are living American Ninja Warrior every day, whether the cameras are on or not. We’re going to have conversations with each other, with famous Ninjas, and with the people who make the show possible. We want to hear from you, the fans, about your favorite runs, your favorite stories and what you're curious about.

We’re going to have a big, year-round American Ninja Warrior party. Our job here is to facilitate your voice and give you the best American Ninja Warrior experience..

Join the Nation

Click here to easily and quickly sign up for a free account at American Ninja Warrior Nation. Your account lets you:

  • Comment with other fans on articles
  • Write your own FanPosts which can be featured on the front page of the site and our social media accounts
  • Keep track of new articles and be notified of new comments when you visit the site
It's free to sign up and we won't add you to any mailing lists. Join American Ninja Warrior Nation here and come back to introduce yourself in the comments.

Start posting your own articles

We give you the same publishing tools as our editors because we want to hear from you, the fans.

Want to write about the most recent episode? Have a training question you want to the community to help answer? Did you build an awesome obstacle in your backyard and want to post photos of it?

Then our FanPost and FanShot section is for you. Click here for a guide on publishing FanPosts and FanShots and how you can get your work featured on the American Ninja Warrior Nation home page.

Welcome to American Ninja Warrior Nation! It’s your world. We're just writing it down.