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What's in Chris Workman's bag?

Rookie Chris Workman gave us a peek into what he brought along with him to the American Ninja Warrior course in Los Angeles. 

When you earn your shot at the American Ninja Warrior course, you've only got one chance. You better come prepared. The show films the Ninja runs all night long. It could be cold. It could be hot. The Ninjas get tired.

We asked the Ninjas what they need to have with them on their big night to make sure they're on top of their game. Here's rookie Chris Workman's response as he got ready for his run in Los Angeles.

Nikki: What did you bring with you to the course today?

CW: "In my bag, I brought a gallon of water, rice cakes, peanut butter, tuna... haven't eaten it yet, but just in case. A towel, god forbid I need to dry my face off. And some berries. That's it. It's just fuel. Fuel is mainly the key."

Nikki: Is that a typical diet on training day?

CW: "I would say yeah. You don't want to over-eat because you don't want to have any stomach cramps. You don't want to eat anything foreign. So just rice cakes is going to fill you up. It'll give you the carbs. Peanut butter is going to give you that protein. And just munch on that. I would say eat a good breakfast, or brunch, and then just snack for the rest of the day."

Nikki: Are you feeling good tonight?

CW: "Oh, I'm feeling confident."

Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, June 1 at 8/7 c to see how Chris does in the season 8 premier.