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#TBT: 7 times Ninjas proved they're natural born athletes

And that they made pretty darn cute kids.

1.When Shaun Murray defied gravity.

2. When Kacy Catanzaro proved that rest is key to an athlete's recovery.

3. When Meagan Martin showed us to take a big, deep breath and relax.

4. When Jake Murray demonstrated that selecting the right equipment is important.

That time you thought you had a cool idea for senior pics. #noregrets #skateboarding #seniorpictures #classof2005 #badass

A photo posted by Jake Murray (@amurraycan_ninja) on

5.) When Brent Steffensen taught us about aerodynamics by forsaking his locks.

#Throwback to when I was rocking the #JerryCurl :) 2010

A photo posted by Brent Steffensen (@brentsteffensen) on

6.) When Jamie Rahn showcased the "Hands Free" technique.

7.) When Grant McCartney understood the value of great team members.