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4 articles celebrating the women of American Ninja Warrior

Interviews with some of strongest women we’ve seen on the show.

Cameron Airen has been using her blog and podcast to celebrate the women of American Ninja Warrior and how they’re breaking barriers by showcasing their strengths; physically and mentally.

She’s put together awesome interviews and articles with some of the strongest Ninja women around. Check them out!

Meagan Martin

David Becker/NBC

In this podcast with Meagan Martin, they discuss Meagan’s professional rock climbing career, the future goals she has for herself and the steps in life that have led her to American Ninja Warrior.

Listen here.

Natalie Duran

Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Natalie Duran talks about starting her YouTube career, how exercise is a joy in her life and how her playful personality always leads to interesting situations.

Listen here.

Michelle Warnky

David Becker/NBC

Michelle gives a candid interview on her American Ninja Warrior experience and what it’s like being a woman in the male-dominated sport.

Read it here.

Joyce Shahboz

Marc Shaboz/YouTube

Joyce has been competing since season four and lets us in on her unique perspective to the show from her years of experience and what it’s been like to watch women rise in the ranks.

Read it here.