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This elf’s tiny American Ninja Warrior course is just what the holidays needed

UPDATED. We have the results!

Posted by Thaddeus Krampanopolis on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Facebook user Thaddeus Krampanopolis (please let that be a real name) uploaded a video showing off the American Ninja Warrior course being taken on by the “Elf on the Shelf” in his house.

It’s amazing. Look at these details. Look. At. Them.

It’s the North Pole Qualifier!

Elf is currently looking a little precarious on the Quintuple Steps.

He has a Giant Log Grip made from a toilet paper roll!

It’s a teeny tiny peg board! Why is everything adorable once it’s tiny?

Right now, we’re thankful for this Cannon Ball Alley made from Christmas tree ornaments.

Look at the detail on this Warped Wall!


We’re now biting our nails, hoping Elf can make it through the course. Will he make it to that super small buzzer?!? We need to know, Thaddeus Krampanopolis!

UPDATE: Check out Charlie the Elf’s full run here.