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American Ninja Warrior’s global family is growing

The addition of Australian Ninja Warrior brings the show to a new corner of the world.


With Australian Ninja Warrior kicking off taping very soon, our favorite show is set to break out on a whole new continent.

While we know and love American Ninja Warrior, the Ninja Warrior concept has a long and very global history. Ninja Warrior has its roots in the Japanese program, Sasuke, where the show has completed 32 epic seasons.

Currently, different versions of Ninja Warrior are shown in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Here are just a few of the Ninja Warriors you can find around the world!

Which ones did we miss? Tell us in the comments and link to photos if you have them.

(Note: This list is limited to Ninja Warrior. Sasuke also has a strong family of spin-off shows.)

Ninja Warrior Indonesia

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Australian Ninja Warrior

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Ninja Warrior UK

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Ninja Warrior Italia

Ninja Warrior Germany

Ninja Warrior Egypt

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Ninja Warrior France

Denmark Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior Sweden

Ninja Warrior Turkey