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American Ninja Warriors & New Year’s Resolutions: Not such a perfect match

Really, they’re way too busy hitting goals all the time.

American Ninja Warrior New Year's Resolutions

You'd think #AmericanNinjaWarriors would love New Year's Resolutions. You'd be wrong.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions. Those little promises we make to ourselves in the hope of improving our lives on some level.

American Ninja Warrior don’t have time for that.

Watch as the Wolfpack’s Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold, Ian Dory, and Noah Kaufman try to answer that age old question. Jake Murray makes a computer joke. Alan Connealy and Brian Kretsch just want this silly question to be over.

Our guess is they’re too busy hitting goals on a regular basis to let something like January 1, 2017 dictate their actions.