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Hit your fitness goals hard with American Ninja Warriors

Workouts for at-home athletes and future Ninja Warriors

We’ve been gathering up workouts from some of the most accomplished American Ninja Warriors to help you out.

The workouts are practical, visual, and easy to try out. If you’re hitting a Ninja Warrior gym to train for the course, we’ve got you covered with techniques and obstacle drills.

If your fitness goals don’t culminate on Mount Midoriyama, this is the place for you too. Ninja Warriors like Jessie Graff will show you how to increase your upper, lower, and core strength in your own home.

Couch to Salmon Ladder with Jessie Graff (and baby Sammo Hog)

Focus: Upper body, Ninja Warrior technique

Pull ups for beginners with Jessie Graff

Focus: Upper body

Pyramid pull ups with the Wolfpack

Focus: Upper body, core strength

Climbing workout with the Wolfpack

Focus: Upper body, lower body, Ninja Warrior technique

Exercise ball workout with Jessie Graff

Focus: Core strength, lower body

Quintuple Step exercises with Brian Kretsch and Alan Connealy

Focus: Lower body, balance, Ninja Warrior technique

Trampoline practice with Brian Kretsch and Sean Bryan

Focus: Lower body, Ninja Warrior Technique

Handstand practice with Jessie Graff

Focus: Balance, core strength, upper body

Obstacle drills with Ninja Warrior from Scratch

Focus: Ninja Warrior technique

Get Ninja Warrior strong!