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American Ninja Warriors who are applying to come back for season nine

It’s casting season and these Ninjas want another crack at the course.

Submissions to be cast on season nine of American Ninja Warrior close on January 2. (Less than a week away from the publication of this article.) This is serious crunch time, Ninjas. It’s time to get those application videos in.

Here’s a few American Ninja Warriors who have taken to social media to say they’re throwing their hats in the ring again. While there’s no guarantee they’ll be picked for the show, we’re excited even at the idea of seeing them in action again.

Jamie Rahn, AKA Captain NBC.

Najee Richardson, Philadelphia’s hometown hero.

Kevin Bull, getting his head back into the game.

In honor of submitting my vid for #ANW9 heres a fun trick i learned from Andre Pfenning and JB Douglass

A video posted by Kevin Bull (@kevin_the_bull) on

Mack Roesch, the self-dubbed king of obstacles.

Got it sent! #anw9 #ninjawarrior #KINGOFOBSTACLES

A photo posted by FLORIDA NATIVE (@mackroesch) on

Neil “Crazy” Craver, who apparently set himself on fire in his submission video again.

Ryan Stratis seems to be...thinking about it, at least.

Sean Bryan, the Papal Ninja, is back in action.

Natalie Duran is just finishing up the final touches.

Roo Yori, the K9 Ninja, is trying out a new look.

Tremayne Dortch put blood, sweat and tears into his video.

Who did we miss? What American Ninja Warriors did you hear have re-applied?