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Harry Connick Jr. cheats in a race against American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff, loses anyway

If Santa sees this, Harry is in SO much trouble.

Harry Connick Jr. has a history of challenging American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff on his show and not winning. Because she’s Jessie Graff, the only woman to ever complete Stage One of the National Finals.

Apparently he wanted another crack at it and invited her for a sort of Christmas-themed obstacle course. Then Harry got really shady during the competition.

It started out fine enough, with Harry and Jessie getting into giant stockings.

Then front-flipping through a wreath.

They leapt over a sleigh of presents that needed to be carried for the rest of the course. Look at Jessie snag hers!

BUT THEN, Harry takes off without putting his gifts into the giant stocking. This gives him the lead. This is cheating!

Oh Harry, you’re in the lead, but you should look scared.

When Jessie rightfully catches up and passes him, HE PHYSICALLY RESTRAINS HER.

He even admits to his devilish plan and that it’s failing miserably. Because SHE’S JESSIE GRAFF.

With grace and composure, she sprints towards the finish.

Clears the snowman leap.

And takes her rightful spot atop the Christmas tree.

Take that Harry, you grinch. Cheating gets you nowhere!