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Team Ninja Warrior preview: Grant McCartney versus Tremayne Dortch

It’s team Golden Hearts against Tre Amigoz in this sneak peek.

During the December 20 airing of the Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness Championships, it was announced that the original Team Ninja Warrior would return in March!

UPDATE: Team Ninja Warrior will premiere on April 18 and has moved to the USA Network.

Check out this preview of a sudden death match between team Golden Hearts and team Tre Amigoz.

Golden Hearts:

  • Grant McCartney
  • Natalie Duran
  • Neil Craver

Tre Amigoz:

  • Tremayne Dortch
  • Melody Schofield
  • Andy Lowes

This match saw Grant McCartney taking on Tremayne Dortch. It is a sudden death match, but what we don’t know is if it was a round one, or a knockout round sudden death match.

Grant and Tremayne were neck and neck on the Sonic Swing.

Grant’s dismount from the Ring of Fire gave him a small lead.

Grant got off the Swing Jump quickly and cleanly. Tremayne was right behind him, but got his shoes wet on the cargo net.

This gave Grant the all-clear to charge through the Floating Tiles.

Tremayne fought to stay just a pace behind Grant on this upper-body intense obstacle, but he suffered another wet dismount.

While Grant only had a small lead, Tremayne’s wet shoes caused him to slip on the Warped Wall, securing the win for team Golden Hearts.

Looks like it’s going to be an epic second season of Team Ninja Warrior!