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Jessie Graff gave an American Ninja Warrior’s perspective on tackling the cargo net

UCLA received expert advice for the College Madness championships.

Jessie Graff: Cargo net advice

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amanda Adams, Carter Allen and James Vaughn make up the Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness UCLA team. After they won their qualifying relay race, the team had a chance to talk strategy with Jessie Graff before heading into the finals.

One obstacle they were concerned about was the cargo net that ended the Swing Jump. It was definitely a time-suck that all the teams had to contend with.

Jessie’s advice: Get low, but throw your feet high and lean back. This would help you avoid a long climb down the net, but keep your feet out of the water.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like UCLA was able to save those seconds on the cargo net. They ended up going home after losing to powerhouse team Wisconsin in the knockout round.

Amanda, Carter and James all looked like they went high on the cargo net. That’s usually a pretty safe bet, but it does cost you precious moments on the Team Ninja Warrior course.

Let’s be clear though, Team UCLA had an awesome first season on College Madness. Making it to the finals gives them serious bragging rights and these athletes are going to do nothing but improve.

With this learning experience under their belt, we hope they get another chance to fight for the title!