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American Ninja Warrior schedule 2017: Filming dates and locations for Season 9 qualifying

We’ve got some old favorites and some new stops

It’s happening! The qualifying cities and taping dates have been announced for season nine of American Ninja Warrior. Taping will kick off in early March 2017.

  • Los Angeles, CA - March 7-8
  • San Antonio, TX - March 26-27
  • Daytona, FL - April 7-8
  • Kansas City, MO - April 24-25
  • Cleveland, OH - May 8-9
  • Denver, CO - May 23-24
  • Finals taking place in Las Vegas, NV - June 18-24

We have some American Ninja Warrior classic locations like LA and Las Vegas, and some new spots to check out, like Daytona and Cleveland.

What do you think of the locations? Any surprises? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.