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You need to follow American Ninja Warrior Jesse Labreck on Instagram

This woman is going to be a legend.

Jesse Labreck/Instagram

Jesse Labreck is the American Ninja Warrior who decided to make her rookie season on the show a historic one.

In Philadelphia, she was the only woman to defeat Rolling Thunder, making her the only woman ever to qualify for the National Finals in her rookie season. By her side the whole time was Emeline, the young woman with cerebral palsy that Jesse is a caretaker for.

In just one season, she’s proved herself to be a competitor to watch, made us cry, and left the fans anxious to see more of her. We’d be willing to bet this Ninja Warrior will be coming back with force in season nine. Get your ear to the ground now to watch her progress.

With her personality, strength and Ninja skills, we highly suggest you follow her on Instagram.

Before we even met Jesse on the show, she was competing with Ninjas like Geoff Britten and winning the women’s division of the National Ninja League.

She was busy bossing Warped Walls around.

And Salmon Ladders.

She got emotional when the call came in that she’d be joining American Ninja Warrior in season eight.

Then immediately turned the set into her playground.

She makes this face. Which is the most relatable “I have to do WHAT?” face ever.

#tbt took me four years but I finally made it back....

A photo posted by Jesse Labreck (@flexlabreck) on

Her relationship with Emeline is incredibly special and will give you smiles for days.

We’re definitely Jesse Labreck fans. She better be hard at work on her season nine application right now!