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Why are these American Ninja Warriors so confused?

That’s not how it works!

We’re concerned. It seems like American Ninja Warriors are getting caught in some very confusing moments. It seems they just don’t understand how to do things like everyone else. They just won’t take the easy route on anything!

Jessie Graff was downright baffled when confronted with a stationary bike.

As always, finding new ways to challenge myself on fitness equipment in the #hotelgym. Thanks for the help @jongwookimx9!

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Daniel Gil forgot that a pull up is about lifting YOURSELF.

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. Beds are for naps.

Grant, ceilings are high specifically so you don’t touch them.

Someone please tell Ethan Swanson about how coats work. And porches.

No gym? No problem.

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Man, Nicholas Coolridge is really confused about how you get through airport security.

On the other hand, they seem perfectly happy doing things their own, unique ways. We’ll just sit back and watch.