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We tried to take a closer look at what American Ninja Warriors have on their feet

Have you noticed their shoes before?

“Ninja Warrior from Scratch” recently posted a thoughtful article on the best types of shoes for Ninja Warrior training and competing. They explored grip, weight and durability to come up with their top three brands.

They also included which American Ninja Warriors wore those brands.

This got us digging through season eight’s photos to see what the Ninjas were wearing on their feet during their runs. We’d never thought to notice their shoes before.

We’re not awesome with brand identity, but let’s look at some feet, shall we?

They pegged Kevin Bull as a fan of Merrell shoes.

David Becker/NBC

We’re squinting at this to see if Jessie Graff is wearing Asics.

Brandon Hickman/NBC

Her feet are too fast! It’s all just a blur.

David Becker/NBC

Joe Moravsky supposedly favors Know Obstacle.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Joe, darn it, hold still. We can’t see.

David Becker/NBC

Conclusion: Shoes are very important to American Ninja Warriors. If you’re training to be a Ninja Warrior, you should think about that. It’s a pretty essential bit of equipment.

But you’re probably going to be moving too quickly for us to notice when we see you on the course. Just the way we like it.