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Watch these American Ninja Warrior heroes trying to get their shot at the show

Even stars have to start from somewhere.

American Ninja Warriors' first submission tapes

Before they were heroes, they were just regular people trying to make the cut.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, December 15, 2016

A. Smith and Co, the production company behind American Ninja Warrior, dug into the vaults to show us the very first time Flip Rodriguez, Jessie Graff, Grant McCartney and Daniel Gil sent in a video with the hope of getting their shot at the course.

The producers, casting company and executives have one heck of a task. They have to sort through upwards of 50,000 applications and submission videos every year to find our next Ninja Warrior heroes.

They’re doing a pretty great job at that.

From just these short videos, they were able to spot future Ninja Warrior legends.

Flip Rodriguez had that confidence that has served him so well.

Jessie Graff showed off her fun-loving, adventurous attitude that keeps her fearless.

Grant McCartney immediately turned on the surfer charm that has quickly turned him into a fan favorite.

Daniel Gil was humble and hard working, a trait he hung on to as he became rookie of the year.

The casting process for season nine is well underway. In fact, submissions will close on January 2nd, so time is quickly slipping away to send in applications. If you think you’re the next American Ninja Warrior, it’s time to get moving!