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Women of American Ninja Warrior who have zero time for injuries

Sure, THAT part of the body can rest.

Athletics and injuries unfortunately can go hand in hand. Even the most skilled Ninja Warriors can fall victim to one wrong move, or pushing themselves just a tad too hard.

But these are Ninjas for crying out loud! What could be seen as a legitimate excuse for a massive Netflix binge session is just another obstacle to them.

We all know what Ninjas do to obstacles.

The women of American Ninja Warrior are pretty darn hardcore about picking themselves back up, and refusing to let an injury hold them back from getting their training on.


Here’s Erica Cook, who has an injured knee. She’s like, “Yeah, okay, but I still have shoulders!”

Natalie Duran’s ankle was out of commission. She couldn’t put weight on it. Well, that’s just fine.

Rachael Goldstein had an injured elbow. But she still had two strong legs and one other arm to work with!

Jessie Graff had an injured knee once. We imagine she just chuckled at it.

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Jesse Labreck broke her fibula. So? What’s your point?

Here’s to all the athletes of American Ninja Warrior committed to never slowing down!