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Tiny American Ninja Warrior course that won our hearts is back with a tiny competitor

Will Charlie the Elf make it to the buzzer? We finally have our answer.

Recently, we shared the intense obstacles of the North Pole Qualifier course with you. This amazing little course was built by Thaddeus Krampanopolis for his daughter.

Now, we bring you the much-anticipated full run of Charlie the Elf! Will he survive the course? Will he become an elf American Ninja Warrior?

Charlie showed some reserve and caution on the Quintuple Steps.

Great body control on the Giant Log Grip.

Oooh! Close save! Those balance obstacles are always tricky!

Akbar might have something to say about those L’s, but Charlie has impressive grip strength on the peg board.

Nice. Using Kevin Bull’s upside down technique on Cannon Ball Alley. Solid strategy.

Oh man. Here’s the first approach to the Warped Wall. Can he do it?!?

He’s locked on to the edge!

YES! Charlie the Elf completes the North Pole Qualifier! He’s done it! The first elf up the Warped Wall in history!

That’s right, Charlie. Soak in the glory.

Now, a comment from Charlie’s coach and representative, Thaddeus Krampanopolis:

“Charlie is resting after battling the brutal course for a whole week. My daughter loved seeing how this played out. She even loved the glitter in place of smoke, when he finally made it.

Next year we will likely have a North Pole Finals course, but as for this year, my wife wants our dining room table back.”