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American Ninja Warrior Natalie Duran spreads holiday cheer by hiding scratchers around LA

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a little cash.

American Ninja Warrior Natalie Duran is known for her antics and upbeat attitude. In season eight of the show, Natalie qualified for the Los Angeles City Finals. She was also selected as a Wild Card to the National Finals. When she’s not training, Natalie is entertaining the Internet with her YouTube channel.

Natalie needed some help last week with a video and gave us a call. The conversation went a little like this:

“Sure, what do you need help with?”

“I need you to film me hiding 100 scratch tickets around Los Angeles while I’m dressed as a Ninja.”

“Uhhh. Okay?”

Which is how we found ourselves helping Natalie convince a convenience store to let her yank tickets from their dispenser.

And trying to keep Natalie from getting run over.

We assured pedestrians that there was nothing to be worried about. This was totally normal.

Natalie got her Ninja on wherever it was possible.

And hopefully some lucky people found the tickets and got a little extra cash for the holidays!

The strange part: People were extremely hesitant to pick up scratcher tickets after seeing a cartwheeling, mask wearing Ninja deposit them in odd places.

Except for one guy. He took like five of them.

Just another day in the life of American Ninja Warrior Nation.