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A journey through Monday, told by American Ninja Warriors

Mondays are emotional.

Welcome back from the weekend. It’s going to be a great week, but Monday will always bring some emotional ups and downs. Luckily, we have American Ninja Warriors to help us express ourselves.

9 AM: You’re super excited to catch up with your work buddy, because two days feels like a lifetime apart.

10 AM: You need more coffee ASAP, regardless of temperature.

11 AM: Your boss says, “You can have that to me by the end of the day, right?” And you and work buddy are all, “LOL. Sure.”

Tried a trick with my @rxsmartgear #jumprope. @sammohog was not impressed. @threeballclimbing

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12 PM: Realizing it’s time for lunch.

I'm hip to all the current trends. #bottleflip #dabslide #pokemon

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1 PM: Realizing lunch time is never coming back.

2 PM: Deciding, “This is fine. Mondays are fine.”

Which ninja do I look like?

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3 PM: You and work buddy (or buddies) do get that project to your boss on time.

4 PM: You’re totally still on task. Your mind hasn’t wandered at all.

5 PM: Nothing will stand between you and the exit.

Coolest thing I've done in a few days. Any takers on this challenge?

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Only four more days till the weekend!