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These little UK Ninja Warriors are totally training for USA vs the World, 2030

Yup, they’re good, but we’re not worried!

UK Ninja Warriors are getting SERIOUS about USA vs the World, in year 2030.

USA vs the World is an American Ninja Warrior special filmed each season after the National Finals in Las Vegas. Ninja teams from all over the globe gather to take on the ultimate obstacle course and claim glory.

Oh sure, this article was supposed to just be an innocent way to promote the upcoming first Ninja kids competition in the UK, but we see through the ruse. It’s a warning!

Dion Trigg, a competitor on UK Ninja Warrior, is clearly raising a Ninja army to take on the American Ninja Warriors in the future!

Here’s the evidence we’ve gathered.

Okay there, Dion, we see what you’re up to. But don’t think we’re scared!

We’ll have Flip Rodriguez’s students,

Little Ninja Lylah,

And Yoshi all ready to go.

That’s just to name a few!

The future generations of American Ninja Warriors, and all Ninja Warriors all over the world are going to be so, so good.